Jocelyn joined Clough just over a year ago, entering a new career and industry through an administration traineeship with us. Jocelyn has gained invaluable skills and experiences over her journey so far. We can’t wait to see what’s next! 

This is Jocelyn’s story: 

“When Covid first happened, and we all went into lockdown I was forced to step back and re-evaluate my career choices in hospitality and childcare. By no longer being able to work in these areas, I came to the realisation that I never really enjoyed the work I was doing in the first place. I felt that something needed to change, that I needed to step into a role that was completely different to what I was used to. 

That’s when I stumbled upon the Clough Admin Traineeship. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but I felt it would be worth the shot. I wagered that if I didn’t end up enjoying the traineeship, then at least I’d have gained some new skills, luckily for me I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of it!
My favourite part of the traineeship, as much as it sounds cliché, has been getting to know all the different people within the company. Working as Admin Support means I’m not just confined to one department, I get to help all the different departments: Legal, Marketing, Reception, Human Resources, Technology, Engineering, HSE etc. Working alongside my colleagues, learning from them, and seeing the work they do has been really rewarding and eye-opening. 

My workplace skills are always developing too, which are skills that have also helped me come out of my shell. I am not the most outspoken individual, I can often come across as quite shy, but since working at Clough, and through covering reception, I’ve been able to build upon my communication skills and gain confidence in this area. 

Alongside the skills I’ve learnt there are lessons I will take away from my time as well. I have realised that work life should not take over your personal life. Before coming to Clough, I had worked in numerous different jobs where having a personal life was seen as non-existent by certain managers, where your time was always expected no matter what. 

Since coming to Clough, I have felt such a sense of relief being able to work for a company that values its employees’ health and personal wellbeing above all else. I’ve never worked for a company so accommodating and supportive before.

As I continue my journey at Clough, I am most excited to continue learning, Clough offers so many opportunities to grow and try new things that if I were to become curious about a different role or new skill set, I know Clough would help in providing me that opportunity to learn. In fact, they already have.

My journey with Clough, so far has shaped so many of my choices for my future. It has made one thing certain for my career goals moving forward, and that is my desire to continue working for Clough for as long as they will have me. Although I’ve only been a trainee with Clough for a year, in that time, I’ve attended a few  morning teas for employees that have been with the company for 10 to 15 to 20 years. Their stories speak for themselves, and if I should be able to work with Clough for as long as them, I would be quite happy. 

Clough has allowed me to gain skills which I can carry with me for the rest of my career journey.”