Clough has been delivering major infrastructure projects since 1957, with its first major project, the Narrows Bridge in Perth, Western Australia. 

Since then, Clough has been successfully delivering major public and private infrastructure projects around the world.

With the infrastructure industry growing to deliver on economic demands across the globe, Clough’s extensive history and capabilities in major infrastructure projects position our clients for success.



Clough’s history in jetty and marine infrastructure design and construction spans back to 1964.

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Clough has been delivering innovative solutions to water projects since 1963. Over the decades, we have developed our design and construct capability to a world class level.

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Clough has over 65 years of experience delivering innovative transport infrastructure solutions to projects through our fully integrated, award-winning, in-house engineering, procurement and construction services.

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Clough has over 37 years of experience delivering Defence projects in Australia and Indo Pacific. We are committed to delivering critical infrastructure to strengthen Australia’s security and defence capabilities.

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