The Tallawarra Stage B Project has reached a significant milestone in its commissioning process. The construction of the project has been completed and our project team has successfully connected it to the grid. 

The first test fire of the fast-start open cycle power station has been conducted and completed successfully, marking a monumental moment in the project's development.

We are proud to announce that the primary test fire of the new 316MW Tallawarra B gas power station, in Yallah, New South Wales, has been successfully completed. This successful test-fire showcases the station's ability to produce substantial energy while keeping emissions minimal.

Successfully completing the test fire is a significant milestone toward Tallawarra B’s commercial operation early in 2024.

We are making good progress on the project and remain confident in our ability to deliver it on schedule. Our goal is to bring Tallawarra B online this summer, which will provide a significant boost to energy security for homes and businesses in New South Wales. This is especially important given the predicted hot and dry El NiƱo summer.

The successful commissioning of this power station is a testament to our project team's hard work and dedication. We are confident in its ability to contribute to the overall energy landscape.

We are thrilled to have reached this milestone and are committed to continuing our work toward providing sustainable energy solutions to our community. 

As Australia continues to transition away from coal to renewables, fast-start gas generation assets like Tallawarra B, will play a critical role in supporting electricity reliability at peak periods and at times of low solar and wind production.

About Project

Clough, in consortium with its partner GE, is currently completing the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) scope for Tallawarra Stage B in Yallah, New South Wales.

Tallawarra Stage B is a 300+ MW expansion of the existing Tallawarra A power station, involving the construction of a 420MW Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant. Works include the construction of a high voltage switchyard, an unloading station, a distillate tank, connecting gas pipelines, gas receiving and conditioning stations, transformers, switchgear, a control room and an administration building.

At the peak of construction, the project created hundreds of jobs and inject $300 million to the local economy. When in operation, the plant will be ready to start generating electricity for 150,000 homes with only 30 minutes’ notice. The project will address the need for fast-start flexible capacity, to complement renewables coming into the system.