The Clough Graduate Program provides recent graduates with technical and practical real-world experience to set them up for personal and professional success. Hear from some of Clough’s Graduate Program Alumni below. 

2022-04-29_Clough-Graduates_Steven_social_.jpgSTEVEN PHAN, INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROL ENGINEER

“I applied to Clough due its EPC capability and expansive portfolio, delivering projects in in a wide variety of industries. The potential opportunities separated Clough from other engineering companies which I believed would enable me to develop professionally as a well-rounded engineer. 

Over the duration of the graduate program, I have had the opportunity to work on several exciting and challenging projects across different functions of the business. In my first engineering role, I was involved in various brownfield scopes for oil and gas onshore and offshore facilities in both instrumentation & control and electrical disciplines.  

The next rotation brought me on site in a commercial role for the BHP South Flank NPI project, managing subcontracts and a head contract. More recently, I have been involved in the detailed design of Waitsia Gas Plant Stage 2 project. Working on Clough’s projects has been an invaluable experience, enabling me to develop my engineering knowledge and raise my awareness of engineering decisions and implications on construction and commissioning.  

During these projects and others, I have enjoyed the diversity of work and the collaborative nature of projects. The people are very approachable and supportive across all disciplines. I am very appreciative of the senior leadership and their willingness to guide and mentor me. 

I am excited to continue my journey as an engineer at Clough and the challenges I will encounter working on a range of projects. And notably, I am looking forward to seeing through my current project from design, construction to commissioning. 

For students applying for graduate roles, I would encourage you to do some research on the job opportunities available and see what field of work would interest you. If possible, reach out to employees within the company as they will provide valuable insight to its core values and work culture.” 

2022-04-19_Clough-Graduates_Riaan_LI.jpgMEET RIAAN, STRUCTURAL ENGINEER 

“I applied to the Clough Graduate Program as I saw the diverse projects they were working on and understood that I can gain experience not just in discipline engineering, but also in construction and project engineering among other areas.

During my time in the program, I was given opportunities to work in a multitude of areas and disciplines. My role as a site engineer, at BHP’s South Flank NPI project, has been my most educational and beneficial experience whilst in the program. It has been not without its challenges, but the knowledge I have gained has been exponentially more than I ever thought possible.

My role as site engineer also provided me with the experience of working in the environment of site. Everyone says you will never learn as much or as quickly as you will on a project site, and I can honestly say that is the truth. It is a trial by fire, but I would strongly encourage any graduate who has the chance to work onsite to take it.

My time in the program afforded me opportunities I could never forget. Working along the EXCOM and APAC Leadership team was certainly one. Seeing how a business is run at the very highest levels, and the challenges that are faced by our senior leadership has given me a much greater respect and understanding for what a business must do to thrive in challenging environments.

The program is invaluable, not only because of the people you get to work with, but the projects that Clough gives you the opportunity to be a part of, in a range of sectors, something that not a lot of Graduate Programs can offer. I was given opportunities to work on projects in areas that were outside my comfort zone, which allowed me to develop new skills and expertise. The fact that you can experience both project engineering and discipline engineering is unique and that is what makes this program stand out from the rest.

To the individuals applying to the program, what you know in terms of technical prowess when leaving the confines of tertiary education is nowhere near as important as being yourself and doing your best to learn what you can.

You will quickly realise that what you have learned in Tertiary Education is merely the foundation of what you are going to need in the workplace.”

2022-04-19_Clough-Graduates_Arielle_LI.jpgMEET ARIELLE, CIVIL/STRUCTURAL ENGINEER 

“I applied for the Clough Graduate Program because I knew it would set an excellent foundation for my career in Civil/Structural Engineering. As Clough delivers project solutions for a wide range of industries and is uniquely capable of executing all phases of an EPC project, I knew that working for Clough would provide me with the opportunity to develop my technical skills as well as gain invaluable site-based experience.  

From day one of joining Clough, I was a part of the Civil/Structural Engineering design team for the BHP South Flank Non-Process Infrastructure project. This has been a fantastic opportunity as I was able to develop my technical design skills, learning from highly experienced engineers. 

To see a structure I designed in the office being constructed on site has been the biggest highlight of the Graduate Program. It felt extremely rewarding and exciting to make a meaningful contribution to future projects. 

After working in the design team, I was given the opportunity to move into a FIFO site-based engineering role for the project. Working on site has been an amazing experience as it allowed me to visualise how design drawings are translated into tangible products in the field and assisted in developing my translation of design to constructability in the field. 

The opportunities on offer at Clough have allowed me to work in office-based roles collaborating with multiple disciplines and functions, as well as gaining construction experience working as a FIFO site engineer. The teams I have worked with on these projects have consisted of a talented and diverse workforce, whose expertise has been invaluable to my time within the program.  

With this next step in my career as a Civil/Structural Engineer, I am looking forward to continuing to work on EPC projects, further developing my technical knowledge and continuing to gain confidence in solving complex engineering problems.  

I would advise graduates, when looking for graduate programs, to apply for companies that will offer both office and site-based experience. The companies that you apply for should also specialise in projects related to your interests and knowledge gained at university.  

Graduate programs are the best time to develop your engineering knowledge, so never hesitate to ask the senior engineers any questions and always take advantage of opportunities provided to you.”

2022-04-07_Clough-Graduates_Alessandro.jpgMEET ALESSANDRO, PROCESS ENGINEER 

“I started with Clough as an engineering intern and was fortunate to be offered a position on the Graduate Program thereafter. Clough’s great work culture and involvement with a large variety of projects, across multiple industries was a main reason why I decided to join the Graduate Program.

I spent the first two years of the Graduate Program providing engineering support for a client. The range of work allowed me to develop my technical engineering skills performing calculations and contributing to studies, communicating with the client, and collaborating with other engineers across multiple disciplines.

I was seconded for a short period of time which provided the opportunity to travel to Karratha and work at an operational LNG facility. I was responsible for updating the client’s performance monitoring system. I worked alongside operational and engineering staff to identify critical parameters that could be used to predict plant ‘health’ and initiate maintenance routines.

One of the highlights of the program was modelling and testing new technology that a client was trialing at one of their operational facilities. I had the opportunity to work in the Process Control team and contribute to the successful implementation and operation that provided improved overall production. It was also rewarding to see my contribution in updating the Client’s performance monitoring system having a useful and positive impact in daily operations and maintenance planning.

More recently, I have moved into a site engineering role on the Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2. I have had to opportunity to work with a great team that have extensive experience executing construction projects. I’ve been involved with managing subcontractors, site establishment and commissioning of the camp water treatment package and septic system. It’s been a challenging task developing knowledge across other disciplines and finding practical solutions when issues arise. However, this has equally given me a lot of satisfaction and has been one of the biggest highlights of the graduate program.

Throughout my time as a graduate, I have enjoyed working with people from multiple disciplines across the company. The people that work at Clough are always willing to help and understand the value of passing on knowledge and experience to their graduates.

Working at Clough has given me the ability to develop technical engineering skills but also take on site roles where you can gain valuable experience throughout the lifecycle of a project from construction to commissioning.

Clough takes safety seriously and it has been rewarding to contribute to maintaining an impressive safety culture. It has been satisfying to see how the project has developed since site establishment and look forward to being part of commissioning and completion.

I look forward to the upcoming projects Clough is involved in and am excited to continue my professional development in engineering and construction.

The industry’s push towards renewable energy and hydrogen is an exciting prospect for the future of engineering and construction. It means there will be huge opportunities for innovative design and to execute projects that have a positive impact on the environment and communities.

My advice to those who are applying for graduate programs is to invest time in identifying companies that can provide the opportunities you are interested in and see how you align with their principles. Embrace opportunities that push you out of your comfort zone as this will further develop your professional skills.”

2022-04-06_Clough-Graduates_Kyle.jpgMEET KYLE, MECHANICAL/PIPING ENGINEER

“I applied to the Clough Graduate Program as I was seeking a path that would give me well-rounded experiences and a program that would give me the exposure to each phase of the project lifecycle across a variety of industries.  

The Graduate Program has given me the opportunity to develop technical engineering skills in detailed design and acquire site-based experience, in construction and commissioning. 

During my time within the program, I have had the opportunity to work on a range of exciting projects. From being part of managing equipment packages on the Inpex Ichthys LNG Project, to completing engineering work scopes for Woodside, to a FIFO role on the BHP South Flank Ore Handling Plant to now currently working in the design team on Energy Australia’s Tallawarra B Power Station, I have had a plethora of role diversity and opportunities.  

With the exposure to such a range of roles, and project contributions, I have had to overcome challenges.  

Working on site in my FIFO role was a challenging yet rewarding experience. I was away for 18 months, in an isolated camp which had its adjustments. However, it was an extremely rewarding experience to be a part of the project team from its initial foundations of design to right up until we had delivered a completely constructed plant. 

In addition to my FIFO role, the program has given me the opportunity to travel around with my work. In the space of 3 years, I have worked in the Perth office, undertaken a FIFO role in the Pilbara, relocated to work in the Brisbane office and will soon be relocating for a site role in Wollongong.  At each step of the way I have been surrounded by a cohesive team and had the chance to learn from highly experienced professionals, which has been extremely rewarding.  

I am excited for the next step of my career and am looking forward to my next role in Wollongong, experiencing life in a new city, taking on bigger responsibilities and continuing to challenge myself. 

I find the future of the engineering and construction industry exciting, especially for the rapid progression that is occurring in the market of sustainable energy production with all its new challenges.  I am already encountering new and intricate challenges in my current role, delivering a hydrogen-capable power station, and am witnessing new developments in the industry. 

For graduates looking to find a program for them, I would suggest thinking about what you are wanting to achieve in the initial stages of your career and applying to the programs you can see will support what you are wanting. Be open minded as well to the broad range of opportunities that will come your way.”

2022-03-28_Clough-Graduates_Djan_social-media_2.jpgMEET DJAN IRIANTO, ELECTRICAL ENGINEER

“Clough’s Graduate Program really shone from the rest in terms of opportunities and potential for development.

As Clough is an EPC contractor with a vast portfolio of completed projects across multiple industries, I knew the program would grant me technical experience and valuable exposure to all stages of a project’s lifecycle, from concept and front-end engineering design (FEED), through to commissioning and facility handover.          

Out of all the opportunities, working on the BHP South Flank Non-Processing Infrastructure project was a highlight for me, as it was both one of the most challenging and beneficial experiences to date.

In this role I witnessed firsthand what it means to be an EPC contractor, and the crucial function of maintaining synergy and communication between the office-based design team and site-based project execution team, throughout all stages of a project. This is the unique experience of being part of an EPC company.

The Clough Graduate Program offered me the opportunity and the absolute privilege of working alongside some of the best in the industry, with an invaluable wealth of knowledge. I was able to learn so much from my peers not only in terms of technical knowledge, but also in professional development, leadership skills, and how to become an integral part of a team in any given situation. I believe that Clough’s best asset is its people. 

The future at Clough looks bright, and I am looking forward to the future of hydrogen as a renewable energy source and commercially viable commodity within the energy sector. Having worked on the hydrogen injection package for the Tallawarra Power Station in Wollongong, I’ve seen the overall challenges the energy industry must go through to achieve progress, and learnt to appreciate the challenges, as the long-term benefits far outweigh the hurdles.

My journey through the Graduate Program has given me a great insight into the world of engineering and construction, whilst providing me with the skills and experience to take on future ventures with confidence.

I encourage graduates to seek a program that has potential for a variety of opportunities, which in my experience Clough as an EPC contractor can provide. This variety will give you valuable insight into the different roles and responsibilities in the world of engineering, and you may find that you want to pursue a path you otherwise thought you wouldn’t.”  

2022-03-18_Clough-Graduates_Davina_social-media_3.jpgDAVINA PRINGLE,  ELECTRICAL ENGINEER  

“Clough’s graduate program stood out to me as I knew Clough was a company that would present me the opportunities to work on projects across a variety of industries and project phases, including FEED, EPC and operation/maintenance support.  

Throughout my time in the program, this is exactly what has been offered. 

I have worked on a variety of projects across a range of departments within Clough. The multitude of projects and industry roles I have had the opportunity to be a part of, has allowed me to gain the skills to overcome serval challenges, whilst gaining industry experience and insight which made those challenges worthwhile.  While working at Clough I was able to work with a diverse and friendly group of people. The team members, I have worked with, have added invaluable insight and industry knowledge to my journey. Being able to learn and share experiences with my co-workers has broadened my understanding and knowledge in what it takes to be a good engineer and being a member of a team.  

The teams I have been a part of are the next generation of the engineering and construction industry, and the future is looking bright, with many projects expected to commence. Being an electrical engineer, one of the things I am most excited about is being involved in incorporating sustainable technologies to result in a greener future.  

Currently I am working on the Mitsui’s Waitsia Gas – Stage 2 project, finishing the detailed design. Now that we are coming to the end of this phase, I am excited to follow this project to site, so I can see everything I have worked on over the past year come to life.  

For anyone who is considering applying for the Clough graduate program, I would highly recommend them to do so if they are looking to begin their journey, working with a company which offers a range of opportunities and experience”.

2022-03-14_Clough-Graduates_Luke_social-media.jpgMEET LUKE, PROCESS ENGINEER

 “I applied for Clough’s graduate program based on the company’s rich history and strong reputation in the Western Australian engineering and construction industry, and burgeoning presence in the eastern states and global markets.  

Being a Contractor, I was excited to be a part of a company that would provide me with a breadth of opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge I learnt during my time at university. 

My journey as a graduate at Clough has been exciting and challenging. I have been fortunate enough to work on several exciting jobs / projects, including production and engineering support for major operators in the energy sector, and more recently being involved in the detailed design of the Waitsia Gas Plant in Dongara.  

Working on this project has been an incredible experience which has allowed me to see how engineering design translates into construction, and further into commissioning. Working in the project team for the Waitsia Gas Plant has helped me not only understand how the technical skills translate to a real-world design problem, but also how all engineering disciplines work collaboratively to deliver a project successfully. 

The Graduate Program has also been a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with a range of engineers, from other graduates to senior industry-leading professionals. 

The engineering and construction industry is a vibrant space more so than ever, with continuing work in existing sectors (such as oil & gas and construction), and emerging markets (such as renewable and new energies) becoming more prevalent. As a Process Engineer, I am excited to continue working and learning to develop my base knowledge, but also to learn about new technologies which will ultimately form the foundation of our society for years to come. 

Moving off the Graduate Program is an exciting time; it feels like the training wheels are starting to come off, and confidence in my skills as a Process Engineer is growing. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and develop my skills through hands-on experience.  

I encourage students looking for Graduate roles to understand what they want to achieve and seek out the opportunities that will give you the chance to meet those goals, with a company that aligns with you, like Clough did with me.”