Meet Luke Castaldi, Bidding Engineer and Webuild Scholar!
Luke joined Webuild in early 2021, after receiving the Australia Tomorrow’s Builder Scholarship whilst he was studying Civil Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney.

Since then, Luke has worked in Webuild’s Bidding Team across Australia, supporting tenders for large-scale infrastructure projects, and this year, he joined the Clough business to support the Group’s continued growth in the region.

“Working for Webuild has taken me across Eastern Australia. I have worked in Brisbane, Sydney and most recently, Melbourne, studying various infrastructure tenders in the rail, metro and tunnelling space. 

“I joined Webuild because of its engineering legacy. The group has over a century’s worth of history in international engineering and construction development. Its depth of knowledge remains unparalleled and is recognised globally. 

“Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to move into the Clough business as a professional Bidding Engineer which I happily took up. As a Bidding Engineer, I act as a nexus between the Design and Construction components of a tender, liaising information and ensuring that the scope is covered within our project correctly. 

“My role has also brought me into Planning, where I have been responsible for putting together initial programs of works throughout the tender process. Additionally, it has enabled me to connect with people internationally, and embed ideas and innovations into our Australian projects that have been practiced elsewhere around the world. 

“What I like most about this role is how quickly it moves. In tendering, I am tasked to a new project almost every few months and in that time, I need to quickly adapt and understand the respective client’s and project’s needs. I get to meet new people from different partners and help build relationships between them and the Webuild Group. This collaborative approach is exciting as it provides me a new avenue to gather insights from the industry and make stronger connections to its network.

“With Clough as part of the Webuild Group, it’s clear the business is committed to growing in the Australian market, diversifying its business and construction streams. We are truly looking to transform the Australian construction landscape for greater sustainable and innovative change.”

Since his school days, Luke was driven to build a career in the construction industry where he could be a part of iconic projects and the innovations and practices that can help deliver better outcomes for the environment and communities. 

“From a young age I always aspired to understand how and why structures stand the way they do. Growing up in Sydney, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to some of Australia’s iconic buildings and infrastructure projects.

“Part of me has always wanted to know how these landmark projects get put together, and that led me into the world of civil engineering. As a big believer in innovative practice and sustainability, I hope to help the industry become more regenerative in its approaches, conscious that this industry defines the urban landscape so many of us are surrounded by.

“From my time in this industry so far, I’ve quickly learnt that the work we do in the construction industry today truly defines what we handover to future generations tomorrow. I want to continue to be part of this positive legacy.”

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