Snowy 2.0
Snowy Hydro
New South Wales, Australia
Start date
Jan 01, 2019
Scope of work

Clough, as part of the Future Generation Joint Venture, is currently delivering the Civil and Electro-Mechanical works for the iconic Snowy 2.0 Project. 

Snowy 2.0 will link two existing Snowy Scheme dams, Tantangara and Talbingo, through underground tunnels to the depths of up to one kilometre and an underground power station with pumping capabilities. Snowy 2.0 will add 2,000 megawatts of energy generation and provide 175 hours of energy storage for the National Electricity Market​, enough to ensure the stability and reliability of the system during prolonged weather events, such as wind or solar droughts. Snowy Hydro already plays a critical role in ensuring system stability at times of peak demand, and Snowy 2.0 will enhance this existing capability and ensure that we can continue to provide increased stability and security to the energy market well into the future.​

The project involves:

  • The underground excavation and tunnelling to link existing Scheme reservoirs and an underground power station with pumping capabilities

  • Approximately 40km of tunnels including 27km power waterways

  • Surface works including intake-outlets, surge shaft, cable and ventilation portal sites

  • Supporting works such as establishing or upgrading approximately 45km of access tracks and roads along with electricity connections to constructions sites

  • Elevation between Tantangara and Talbingo reservoirs is approximately 680m (static head difference)

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