Women’s Health Week offers a great opportunity to amplify awareness about women’s health matters and empower you with the knowledge to improve your well-being as well as that of the women around you. 

This year's theme, "Grow Your Knowledge," invites us to explore our understanding of physical, emotional, and mental health for ourselves and the women in our lives.

With this in mind we wanted to introduce one of our team members and highlight how she’s building a healthy work-life balance!

Meet Alex, Quality Systems Administrator, Perth

“Awareness campaigns like Women’s Health Week help remind me to refocus on my priorities. I’m often saying how quick time flies by and before I know it, we’re in the next month and maybe I haven’t achieved certain goals or I’ve come off-track from my regular routine, so it’s always good to check in and stay on top of my physical and mental health. 

“To stay on track, I try to be mindful and prioritise my well-being as best I can. This helps me to reach optimum balance across all aspects in my life. Being aware I am able notice the difference in myself emotionally and how I perform at work, in the gym or socially.

“To stay physically healthy, I am a regular at my local CrossFit gym, it’s something that helps me unwind after work. Additionally, I emphasise mobility and spend time stretching in the evenings as I think that is important too, and occasionally I enjoy family hikes in regional parks. Alongside being physically active and moving my body, meal planning is also crucial to ensure my body gets the necessary nutrition to support my lifestyle.

“In managing stress and promoting mental wellness at work, exercise is my go-to stress reliever. I also focus on getting enough sleep and taking time out for myself to read or listen to music. I also like to stay connected with likeminded people who keep me motivated and feeling positive. They, along with my family are my support team with whom I can share everything with. 

“It’s also important to feel supported in the workplace. When it comes to Clough’s flexible working arrangements where do I even begin! I’m grateful that management supports flexible work arrangements as it’s been priceless. For someone who spends a lot of time commuting to/from the office, it means I can be more involved with my children’s sport and feel less of the ‘mum guilt’. It’s also allowed me to be more flexible when working with colleagues from a different time zone.”