Last year clough signed a three-year Partnership Agreement with Engineers Australia for their Engineering Workforce Credentialling Program, supporting our engineers to become Chartered. Through our partnership, many of our engineers have seized the opportunity to attain their Chartership across various areas of engineering practice including Leadership & Management, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Construction Engineering and Project Management.
Meet Sid Jain, a talented Lead Project Engineer, who has recently achieved Chartership status through the partnership.

Sid joined Clough almost two years ago and since has made quite an impact at Clough.

“I joined Clough about one and a half years ago, and in that time, I have had the opportunity to lead various studies, tenders, and projects with numerous clients. I’m currently working as a Lead Project Engineer in the commissioning team for the Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2 as well as leading the Integration of Clough and Webuild.”

Sid’s ability to work across multiple areas of the business has been invaluable. His commitment to challenging himself and putting himself out of his comfort zone for self-improvement made Chartership an obvious choice.

“I chose the engineering and construction industry for the diversity of the work, the ability to influence decision making and the ability to point to things and say that you helped build it.
“My previous understanding of becoming a chartered engineer was that you had to have at least seven years of design experience to be considered. Using real-life practical examples that demonstrated the Engineers Australia competencies made the process attainable and considers the fact that engineers have divergent career paths. My career certainly has been unconventional compared to other engineers.
“The streamlined process to Chartership with Engineers Australia was great. I was provided with excellent resources and support and access to the assessor, which allowed feedback to be sought before the formal interview. I prepared a presentation that discussed the areas of competence and allowed for a structured discussion, and the feedback and areas of improvement gained from the discussion were invaluable.

“I’m excited about the opportunities ahead at Clough and looking forward to seeing the growth of the people within the business in this new chapter of Clough and furthering our involvement in the community.
“I joined Clough because of the people that I met during the interview, and I would be working with. The quality and calibre of people I have worked with throughout my time at Clough has been outstanding, and coupling that with genuinely interesting work, it makes every day exciting and enjoyable.”