Many teams across Clough’s operations are backed by the skills and values of veterans from all walks of life, across the Army, Navy, Air Force, First Responders, and Cadets. We recognise the immeasurable contribution the veterans within our organisation bring to our business, and in recognition of ANZAC Day 2024, we sat down with Daniel George, Delivery Manager for the Lombrum Naval Base Project, and former Warrant Officer Class One to learn more about what ANZAC Day and working in the Defence sector means to him.

“I joined the Australian Army in October 2000, and was assigned to the Royal Australian Engineers. Over my 20+ years of service, I undertook deployments to various regions including Afghanistan, Iraq, Solomon Islands, Timor, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

“These deployments encompassed a wide range of missions, from constructing patrol bases and infrastructure to support military operations, to building schools and participating in disaster relief and humanitarian efforts in the Pacific.

“Since then, I have transitioned out of working in Defence services, into working on Defence projects.

“I currently hold the position of Delivery Manager for the Lombrum Naval Base redevelopment project on Manus Island, and am once again in PNG, though this experience definitely differs from my previous time in service spent in the region. 

“Our team is delivering essential maritime infrastructure enhancements to support the capabilities of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force naval operations. Though this experience in PNG differs, I find myself drawing on the skills and values shared during my time in service, and those I proudly share with fellow veterans and the ANZAC soldiers. 

“Teamwork and mateship are fundamental ANZAC values that remain relevant in today's society, and certainly in project delivery. 

“To me, ANZAC Day fosters a sense of national identity and unity. It serves as an emotional reminder of the ongoing need to defend the freedoms we enjoy today, to ensure the sacrifices made in the name of peace and security are never forgotten, and to commit us as a nation, to continue strengthening Australia's defence force today and into the future.

“Drawing inspiration from the camaraderie exemplified by ANZAC soldiers, I envision fostering a similar sense of collaboration within the business to effectively deliver projects for the Australian Defence Force. 

“By reflecting on the experiences of ANZAC soldiers and other veterans, Australians gain greater understanding of the ongoing need to safeguard the nation's security and sovereignty, and facilitate intergenerational dialogue, fostering a deep connection to shared history.
“Contributing to national security, advocating for peacekeeping efforts, and fostering a culture of resilience are vital steps to ensuring that the enduring legacy of ANZAC soldiers remains a beacon of remembrance and gratitude for Australia's security and defence."