Meet Aravind, Site Engineer for Spark, working on the North East Link Project in Melbourne! 

Aravind is passionate about sustainability in construction and is thrilled to contribute to a project that will make a lasting positive impact on Australia's future.

“I decided to move into the engineering and construction industry, because I’m driven and interested in solving real-world challenges. The dynamic nature of this field, the opportunity
to innovate, and the tangible impact on people's lives drew me in. I thrive on the blend of creativity and practicality, and the satisfaction of seeing projects come to life from concept to completion keeps me motivated.

“I am currently working on the North East Link, Australia's largest private-public partnership for infrastructure, which is a groundbreaking project with a strong sustainability focus. It is set to become a crucial component of the city's road network, alleviating congestion, and significantly improving travel times for tens of thousands of motorists.

“In my role as a site engineer, my main areas of responsibility include overseeing on-site construction activities, ensuring adherence to project specifications and timelines, managing and coordinating with subcontractors and workers, implementing quality and safety standards, and resolving any on-site issues that may arise.

“Additionally, I am responsible for maintaining accurate project documentation, collaborating with project engineers/managers, and serving as a liaison between the construction site and other stakeholders.

“As a young engineer on this project, I take pride in being part of an innovative and impactful endeavour that not only enhances transportation efficiency but also promotes sustainability and community well-being. Though I haven’t been working on the project for an extended time, it has been extremely enjoyable.

“I am passionate about sustainable construction initiatives that prioritise environmental responsibility and long-term viability. Additionally, I am committed to minimising construction waste through efficient resource management. By promoting sustainable construction, I aim to contribute to environmentally conscious and resilient infrastructure that benefits both the present and future generations.

“I count myself fortunate to have a mentor at Webuild with extensive experience. Engaging in conversations with him has given me insights into the remarkable breadth of projects and opportunities within Webuild. Hearing the diversity of challenges and opportunities that Webuild offers, from significant international endeavours to technically intricate projects excites me..

“I look forward to my future with Webuild and exploring the exciting, challenging opportunities offered to me.”